Alternatives to Bariatric

Alternatives Bariatric Surgery

Millions of Americans are in search of a solution to obesity. From weight loss supplements and fad diets to bariatric surgery, everyone seems to be looking for a quick fix to successful weight loss. But here at Soni Medical, we have produced an alternative means to effective, long-term weight loss that is changing the lives of many of our patients. Our multi-step approach addresses underlying medical issues and introduces dietary changes conducive to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for life.

What makes your weight loss approach different?

  • We offer treatment options that involve no surgery
  • Some of our treatments can help you lose weight without diet or exercise
  • All major insurances accepted for our weight loss program
  • We offer FDA-approved medications, when necessary
  • Book your complimentary consultation to discuss your customized weight loss program today

What's involved in your weight loss program?

Dr. Prabhat Soni provides a patient-customized weight loss program that is medically supervised and designed to serve as an effective alternative to lap band and gastric bypass surgery. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Dr. Soni does not believe there is a standard weight loss plan for everyone. Instead, he believes that long-term solutions to obesity and weight loss must be achieved with individualized eating plans, medical supervision, counseling, and safe, FDA-approved medications (when necessary).

Finding an alternative to bariatric surgery starts with two key steps:

  • Getting to the core of medical issues – Dr. Soni starts by identifying underlying medical issues and their severity, which can provide clues to overall health. Diseases and conditions like diabetes, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances and sleep disorders are all capable of hindering weight loss efforts.
  • Dietary analysis – Diet plays a foundational role in weight, and changing it to a lower calorie and nutrient-based regimen can lead to steady weight loss. Dr. Soni works alongside our nutritionist to counsel each patient through their weight loss journey. In some cases, FDA-approved weight loss medications may also be prescribed.

All of the weight loss programs at Soni Medical are based on the latest developments in the fields of nutrition and weight control. As our patient, you will work directly with Dr. Soni to identify the weight loss plan that best fits YOUR lifestyle.

What weight loss surgery alternatives do you offer?

At Soni Medical, we offer safe and effective alternatives to bariatric surgery for weight loss, which include:

As part of your comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Soni will also evaluate your sleep habits to determine whether there is a connection between your sleep and weight loss challenges. If an underlying sleep disorder is suspected, Dr. Soni can evaluate, diagnose and treat patients for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

Soni Medical also offers a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to enhance appearance as part of a comprehensive weight loss program. We offer services such as liposuction and fat transfer

What are Lipovicine injections?

A Lipovicine injection is a natural weight loss shot that contains L-lysine and leucine, as well as a variety of beneficial vitamins. It is known as a "fat burning injection" because its formula contains nutrients and amino acids that aid the body's ability to use fat, decrease fat deposits and speed up the metabolism for effective weight loss.

Lipovicine injections can be used in conjunction with many different diet plans as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan. The average weight loss with weekly Lipovicine injections is 4-6 pounds per week. Side effects are mild and may include flushing and/or redness in the face.

What is NutriMed VLCD?

The NutriMed VLCD is just one of the many diet options offered at Soni Medical. NutriMed VLCD has been used by medically-supervised weight loss programs nationwide since 1976. It involves following a Very Low Calorie Diet (also called a protein-sparing modified fast) consisting of NutriMed products. These products have been specially formulated to provide the necessary protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that you need while on a VLCD.

NutriMed products include a variety of shakes, puddings, soups, nutrition bars and more. These products offer great flavor and optimal nutrition for effective weight loss and good health. The wide variety of products, flavors and textures will ward off that dreaded "diet fatigue." While results vary based on the person, average weight loss in the first week while on NutriMed VLCD is 4-7 pounds, with ongoing weight loss of around 3 pounds per week.

If you are overweight and looking for effective weight loss alternatives to bariatric surgery, Dr. Prabhat Soni is here to help. His extensive experience and board certification in bariatric medicine and his commitment to personalized treatments utilizing the latest advances in the field ensure that you will find a weight loss plan that works best for your needs. Find out what treatments can help you achieve long-lasting weight loss by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Soni today.